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Welcome to our 17th series Mount Everest Marathon of May 29, 2022!

3rd March, 2022

Welcome to our 17th series of May 29, Mount Everest Marathon, with the 2003 May 19 Test Run as a plus, which is dedicated to the name of two Great Human Being Late Sir Edmund Hillary & Tenzing Norgay Memorial.


“Plant a Tree for someone you LOVE.

Plant a Tree for someone who LOVES you

Plant a Tree for everyone who LOVES your passion, saving Mother Earth from Climate Change.”


“Plant for the Planet!”

Book your Place now, be Friends with Mount Everest Musk Deer: “MEMD”: Write to Event.Manager@EverestMarathon.com


This year in 2022, we are also adding a new feature on our Everest Marathon; that we are planting Rhododendron BARBATUM Saplings in collaboration with Sagarmatha (Everest) National Park. The idea is to give an opportunity to our Runners that when they have finished their Running & when they are leaving the mountain, they have only left the “Goodwill as Token of Love” behind, in the form of Planting Trees, as their Token of Love in Mount Everest.

We are already carrying our Everest Garbage Bag to carry a little bit of the garbage from Everest Base Camp on our Run to the Finishing Line at Namche Bazaar to hand over to the Local Authorities, officially. This will show the World that how much care you give to the Mountains you are Trekking & Marathon running, which will prove that you are a “Real Responsible Runner”.

So, planting Trees will add a new exciting feature to our Mount Everest (TenzingHillary) Marathon from 2022. By doing this, our Runners will be contributing to help stop the fast glaciers melting and also contributing to saving the Environment of Mount Everest to reverse Climate Change.


Thank you for taking care of your Mount Everest & your Mother Earth Eco-System.


Bikram Pandey KAAJI

Tenzing Hillary Everest Marathon 

Concept Man & Creator of Everest Marathon

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