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Winter Everest Marathon

With the Government of Nepal announcing the New Mount Everest Height of 8848.86m, we are going to launch “Winter Everest Marathon” from 2024 allowing the runners to participate running the “New Higher Mount Everest Marathon” to celebrate the new increase of Mount Everest Height after the 2015 Earthquake in Nepal.

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Lumbini Peace Marathon

The people who envisioned Buddhist Marathon felt that it was time to provide all sports loving people of the world an opportunity to experience Spiritual Marathon or a Marathon of Pilgrimage along the Holiest Sites of Buddhism. The time has now come for this ‘thematic marathon’ that will be completely different from a regular marathon, which is a form of athletic event only.

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Mount Kailash

MountKailash.Com is an exclusive Kailash Mansarovar Yatra Operator being managed by a team of professionals with several years of experience in the field of pilgrimage tourism to Mount Kailash and other parts of Nepal, India and Tibet. The operation part of Mount Kailash Yatra is directly looked after by our Tibet office based in Lhasa.

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