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Welcome to the world of Tenzing Hillary Everest Marathon. 

Good Morning World, Good Morning Marathon Runners.


This year we will be running our Everest Marathon under the shadow of a new height, Mount Everest, with its Higher New Height 8848.86m as Mount Everest Marathon 8848.86m. 


The Photo Below:  Greek Ambassador at Namche Bazar Hill, Crowning the Runner with Bodhi Tree Crown Tiara, we all know Marathon was Born in Greece. 



In Greece, they do it with Olive Tree Branch Tiara, but in Nepal, Bikram re-invented it with Bodhi Tree Crown (पिपल को हाँगा), symbolizing Buddha, his Enlightenment Tree and Buddha’s own country Lumbini, Nepal.


We have merged the 2020- and 2021-Year’s Marathon Events with the 2022 May 29 Event, due to COVID Pandemic.


Warm Good Wishes from:

Bikram Pandey KAAJI

Concept Man & Event Creator

परिकल्पनाकार तथा शोध लेखनदास

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