Marathon update on 31st March, 2020

Dear Everest Marathon 2020 Runners,


As we have communicated to you before, we have reviewed the situation of COVID 19 in Nepal and in Global Scenario. The outcome is not very encouraging. Nepal Government has put the lockdown in whole Nation and so has India, as our biggest Southern Neighbor. It is looking like that things are not in improving situation in other countries as well, like America, Italy and Spain. So, these Government may also declare further protective measures soon.


Even though we have been working on rescheduling our May 29, TenzingHillary Everest Marathon for 24th of September later this year, we will have to see that if the COVID- 19 doesn’t subside sufficiently in advance before, the September provisional arrangements may have to be postponed again to 2021 merging with main Event of May 29, 2021.


So this is our review on the Present Day Situation of 31st March 2020. We would like to request all our Runners to prepare your mind for any change in light of your safety and precautionary protective steps. Your Health & Safety is always First..


Thank you all.

Best regards,


Sonika Bajracharya

Event Manager TenzingHillary Everest Marathon May 29, 2020

Mobile : (+977) 9851 20 2233 WhatsApp / WeChat : (+977) 9851 20 2233


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Date: 29th May,2020 

Welcome to the world of Tenzing Hillary Everest Marathon. Good Morning World, Good Morning Marathon Runners. Today is our : 
Tenzing Hillary Mount Everest Marathon Day :
May 29: World’s Highest Marathon
The photo below:  Greek Ambassador at Namche Bazar Hill, Crowning the Runner with Bodhi Tree Crown Tiara. Marathon was Born in Greece. 
In Greece, they do it with Olive Tree Branch Tiara, but in Nepal, Bikram re-invented it with Bodhi Tree Crown (पिपल को हाँगा), symbolising Buddha, his Enlightenment Tree and Buddha’s own country Nepal.
We have merged this Year’s Marathon Event with 2021 May 29 Event, due to Corona Pandemic.
Warm Good Wishes from:
Bikram Pandey KAAJI
Concept Man & Event Creator
परिकल्पनाकार तथा शोध लेखनदास
Project 2021 : We are planting Trees along our Marathon Route with cooperation from National Park. The Sapling Plant will be the “One” most preferred or favoured by local Musk Deers to support their Habitat. Our Slogan will be :
1. Plant a Tree for some one you LOVE. 
2. Plant a Tree to Leave your “Token of Love” of Goodwill for the future Generation
Book your Place now, be Friends with Mount Everest Musk Deers : “MEMD” : Write to :