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Welcome to the world of Tenzing Hillary Everest Marathon.

Thank you guys for making 2019 marathon event so brilliant and so mesmerizing. You all may know that you have run 42.195 km Olympic standard marathon from the Mount Everest Climbing Expedition Base Camp, is also called Everest Golden Jubilee Celebration Trail, commemorating the 50th Anniversary of the first successful Mount Everest Expedition of 1953 on May 29. 

This year also marks the 5th year of Everest Extreme Ultra Marathon which was created in 2013 as an official event to celebrate the 60th Everest Diamond Jubilee Celebration Anniversary. So, this extreme ultra trail is also known as Everest Diamond Jubilee Celebration Trail.

We extend all our courtesies to some of our runners who had difficulties at Nha La, because of the cut-off time and not being able to cross over to the other side to reach teahouse/lodge to stay for the night. Sorry guys, we gonna improve on that. Some of you have also suggested that we must have extra food points at some places along with water stations. Well guys, we gonna improve on that as well.

Thank you also to some of you guys who carried some garbage from the Everest Base Camp and ran all the way to Namche Bazaar disposal point, proving to the world that you are all Responsible Runners. One of you has also won the prize of “Responsible Runner” of Rs 8,848, symbolizing the height of Mount Everest.

Well, the good news for 2020 and 2021 is that we are introducing new activities in our marathon, such as planting trees. You may all plant a tree in Everest National Park along your running route and contribute to the conservation effort of the local people to conserve Mount Everest Eco System for everybody. You gonna be a Conservationist Star, planting trees in Everest and leaving your goodwill for rest of the mankind.


Bikram Pandey KAAJI

Concept Man & Creator of Everest Marathon

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