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Half Marathon – 21KM (7+7+7 km) Spiritual Digits


  • Open for Foreigners only – novice to veterans.
  • Fun, fast and the best way to experience the Everest region.
  • Great scenic trails.

The 21Km Marathon is the shortest distance in TenzingHillary Everest Marathon which is three-seven digits (7 +7+7 km), which has a very high spiritual meaning in Buddhism. We add another seven for 7 meters, making our marathon 21km + 7 m to spiritualize run connected with Lord Buddha’s Life. By doing this we also earn some spiritual value in our RUN for our Everest Marathon Runners.


Buddhist philosophy believes that buddha walked seven steps immediately after birth, Queen Maya Devi died after seven days after giving birth to Buddha, on the seventh year during his meditation Sakya Prince Siddhartha Gautam got enlightenment in Bodhgaya. Buddha’s body was kept for seven days after his death for the Emperors and Kings to arrive there to decide what to do next.


Starting from Dingboche the tracks of the half marathon end at Namche Bazar. Mostly downhill, the track is a trekking trail. Hence, we recommend some good trail running shoes. The half marathon is an exciting yet adventurous run that starts exactly on the half point of the Full Marathon.




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Lodge Option

Price: $2795

Days: 18 Nights 19 Days

Luxury : Heli

Price: $6995

Days: 14 Nights 15 Days

Join at Dingboche

Price: $999

Days: 3 Nights 4 Days

Special Packages

Everest Marathon - Island Peak

Everest Marathon with Island Peak

Price:   $3595

Days: 13 MAY - 03 JUNE

Difficulty: Hard

Everest Marathon with Gokyo Valley

Price:   $2895

Days: 14 MAY - 03 JUNE

Difficulty: Hard

Heli : In-out

Price:   $4075

Days: 19 MAY - 01 JUNE

Difficulty: Moderate

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