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Welcome to the world of Tenzing Hillary Everest Marathon. Good Morning World, Good Morning Marathon Runners. Today is our : 
Tenzing Hillary Mount Everest Marathon Day :
May 29: World’s Highest Marathon
The photo below:  Greek Ambassador at Namche Bazar Hill, Crowning the Runner with Bodhi Tree Crown Tiara. Marathon was Born in Greece. 
In Greece, they do it with Olive Tree Branch Tiara, but in Nepal, Bikram re-invented it with Bodhi Tree Crown (पिपल को हाँगा), symbolizing Buddha, his Enlightenment Tree and Buddha’s own country Nepal.
We have merged this Year’s Marathon Event with the 2021 May 29 Event, due to Corona Pandemic.
Warm Good Wishes from:
Bikram Pandey KAAJI
Concept Man & Event Creator
परिकल्पनाकार तथा शोध लेखनदास
Project 2021: We are planting Trees along our Marathon Route with cooperation from National Park. The Sapling Plant will be the “One” most preferred or favored by local Musk Deers to support their Habitat. Our Slogan will be :
1. Plant a Tree for someone you LOVE. 
2. Plant a Tree to Leave your “Token of Love” of Goodwill for the Future Generation
Book your Place now, be Friends with Mount Everest Musk Deers: “MEMD”: Write to


Welcome to our 17th series of May 29, Mount Everest Marathon, with 2003 May 19 Test Run as plus, which is dedicated to the name of two Great Human Being Sir Edmund Hillary & Tenzing Norgay Memorial.


Thank you for Running our 17th Marathon Event. We are all improving & upgrading Services for the 2021 Event.


This year in 2021, we are also adding a new feature on our Everest Marathon; that we are planting trees in collaboration with Sagarmatha (Everest) National Park. The idea is to give opportunity to our Runners that when they have finished their Running & left the mountain, they have only left “Goodwill of Token of Love” behind,


in the form of Planting Trees, as a Token of Love in Mount Everest.

We will let you know soon what kind of tree Sapling National Park is making available for us. But you can be sure that they will give us the sapling to support the local vegetation, which is friendlier to the environment, endangered Musk Deers & flora & Fauna of Mount Everest Highland Belt.

We are already carrying our Everest Garbage Bag to carry little bit of garbage from Everest Base Camp on our Run to the Finishing Line at Namche Bazaar to handover to the Local Authorities officially. This will show to the World that how much care you give to the Mountains you are trekking & running, that you could be offering called a “Real Responsible Runner”.


So, planting Trees will add a new exciting feature on our Tenzing Hillary Everest Marathon from 2021. By doing this, our Runners will be contributing to help stop fast glacial melting, and also contributing to save the Environment of Mount Everest to reverse Climate Change.


Thank you Guys for taking care of your Mount Everest Mountain & your Mother Earth Eco-System.


Bikram Pandey KAAJI

Tenzing Hillary Everest Marathon 

Concept Man & Creator of Everest Marathon


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Update : 01 May, 2021

Dear Everest Marathon Runners,


This comes aftermath of Nepal Government’s Announcement of Stricter Rules for Tourist Arrivals, Tourist Movements within the country and Quarantine Requirement against New Version Covid-19 Pandemic. Even Everest Base Camp has recorded certain “Covid Positive Cases” which has alarmed the World & Nepal Government by International Media Report ALERTS.


Due to the New Rule imposed by Nepal Government with lockdown in Kathmandu Valley & several other districts across the Nation, along with the mandatory quarantine restrictions for all International Traveler tourists inside Nepal, it will not be easy and comfortable for all to travel in to Nepal and trek to Everest Base camp and run our Everest marathon this year. Hence, considering all these facts, we have decided to postpone the Everest Marathon for next year 2022 only, on the same day of 29th of May, 2022. Because our first and foremost priority is the health and safety of our marathon runners.


The Organisers of the Marathon Event, regret the Inconvenience caused to all our Runners across the World, even though the decision has been taken for the Safety of our Runner Participants.


We look forward to welcome you all in Next Year Everest Marathon 2022.


Best regards,

Sonika Bajracharya
Event Manager
Tenzing Hillary Everest Marathon-29 May